Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I'm moving to Hong Kong!

Hong Kong Flag

I'm finally sitting down to take a few minutes to begin my blog. I will be graduating from Auburn University this Saturday May 9th, 2009, with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration. I have joined the Young Adult Service Corps (YASC) as an Episcopal missionary and will leave for Hong Kong in August. Before that however, I will be going to Toronto, Canada for two weeks in June for an orientation program and training for YASC.

I am so excited about all these wonderful blessings that are taking place in my life. I intend to update my blog as often as possible as my journey truly begins to take off.

As for my position in Hong Kong, what I know as of right now is that I will be working with Filipino Migrant Workers. These are women who are living in a home or safehouse in HK. I will be a social worker of sorts. I will undergo paralegal training and will be going with them as their advocate in court. Some of these women have been sold into slavery and some have been abused. It appears that this will be a very intense and demanding experience and I'm looking forward to the challenges ahead. It seems that I will need to learn both Cantonese and some Filipino. Rosetta Stone here I come!!!

I suppose this is all for now.. I just wanted to get started. I'll write again soon.